It’s a big world out there – and we direct your message to the proper sources.


Holmes has the tools to build your campaign for success. We know that successful communication requires an integrated approach to traditional and social media – and innovative thinking. In a multimedia age, our toolbox is full. Here are some of the methods we use to get your message to the masses:

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  • Media Networking

We leverage popular social networks to target key audiences, as well as provide insight and consultation regarding how to capitalize on developing social communities.

  • Social Media Monitoring

We monitor digital media to measure the results of your campaign and messaging while analyzing the extent of it’s success.

  • Social Media Campaigns

We can maximize your company’s online reach through social networking and interactive media by developing customized social-media-driven campaigns that will attract new fans and followers, and boost your digital profile.

  • Video Production and Management

Whether developing online video or documenting a live event, we can produce video that sustains and enhances your campaign. We also produce and distribute Electronic Press Kits (EPKs).

  • Photo Shoot Management

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we ensure that your images appear in the right place at the right time.

  • Influencer Engagement

We connect with the influencers that are right for your message.

  • Public/Media Relations

We manage every aspect of media relationships — from crafting messaging, story pitches and delivering interviews to organizing press conferences. We develop customized campaigns and strategies to secure superior placements in online, print and broadcast media. With our many years of experience, we can shape your audience’s perception of your company, product or event.

  • Corporate Communications

We can change the way people look at an existing product, service or business, and attract attention to new enterprises. We fine-tune messages to targeted audiences, offer media training and shape individual campaigns to achieve the public profile any company seeks.

  • Creative Strategy Development

Does your event, product or service need a creative spin? Are you launching a new brand or refining an existing? We develop game plans and creative messaging that deliver a marketing edge.

  • Events & Promotions; Media Sponsorship

We coordinate and manage red carpets, media accreditation and media centres for large events. From major national events such as the JUNO Awards to conventions like Fan Expo, from product launches similar to Oakrun Bakery’s Savoury English muffins to business launches for Skyzone, we’ll make sure your event gets the media coverage needed to make it a success. We can also help line up media sponsors for your product, promotion or event — connecting you with likeminded partners.

  • Crisis Management

We help corporations, groups and individuals manage their message amid the fallout of negative news or bad publicity. We work to minimize the damage, help change the optics and evolve the narrative around a crisis.

  • Media Training

We polish the media skills across a wide range of blue-chip organizations, including those in the financial services, technology, entertainment and healthcare sectors how to handle media interviews — from refining a message to preparing for a journalist’s questions.

  • Writing Services

We do it all: speeches, press releases, op-ed and copywriting.  We also craft and distribute media releases and press kits to targeted regional and national outlets, based upon our years of media contact development.

  • Media Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis

We monitor the print and broadcast media to measure the results of your campaign and messaging, and analyze the success of the initiative.

Every message we deliver is tailor-made for you.

We’ll be your creative voice. We know that every PR campaign has different needs and a unique story to tell. That’s why our integrated approach to traditional and social media is custom designed for each client. To get your campaign started, head to our contact page and get in touch!